The 30 Best Kiosk Cafés in Lisbon

Lisbon's first kiosk opened in Rossio Square in 1869, and soon after there were others, in Art Nouveau style, in Passeio Público (now called Avenida da Liberdade) and on the waterfront. They served wine by the glass, beer and traditional refreshments, and eventually also offered snacks such as fried fish and cod fillets, which fed the dock workers. Later they also began to attract the middle class and the elite, who got together in the main squares and gardens. Many closed over the last few decades, and were left abandoned until the recent trend of reviving the tradition. Older kiosks were restored, and new ones were built to be placed in the city’s squares and gardens. There are currently dozens of kiosks for all tastes and occasions, and here we present the top 30:

Quiosque Ribeira das Naus

Ribeira das Naus (Cais do Sodré)

Quiosque Ribeira das Naus, Lisbon

It’s one of the biggest kiosks and also has one of the largest numbers of tables. It’s in Ribeira das Naus , and it’s where you may stay in the sun with a lemonade, a beer, cocktails, gin or glass of wine, often to the sound of live music. It's a great sunset spot.

Quiosque Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara (Bairro Alto)


What many say is Lisbon’s most beautiful viewpoint has a kiosk facing the castle since 2010, attracting tourists and locals who stay for a drink or light meal. It stays open until late on Fridays and Saturdays.

Quiosque do Adamastor

Miradouro de Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina)

Quiosque do Adamastor, Lisbon

It's not easy getting a table in the afternoon, as it’s in the Santa Catarina viewpoint , where many like to go for the sunset view with a beer or sangria. Those who prefer a quieter time should go in the morning, but will always have the mythical Adamastor sculpted on a rock for company.

Quiosque Lisboa - Cais do Sodré

Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa/Jardim Roque Gameiro (Cais do Sodré)
Abre todos os dias

Quiosque Cais do Sodré, Lisbon

When Jardim Roque Gameiro (a square next to Cais do Sodré Station) was pedestrianized, it became a spot to sit and enjoy a view of the river. It gained a kiosk, which attracts tourists, who end up enjoying light meals. It stands out for its healthy options (such as açaí bowls or yogurt with granola) and for carob bread sandwiches.

Quiosque Lisboa - Praça Luís de Camões

Praça Luís de Camões (Camões)

Quiosque Lisboa - Praça Luís de Camões

It was the first historic kiosk to be restored, in 2009, and responsible for the new wave of kiosks in the city. At first it served traditional refreshments, but new management has introduced more snacks, pastries and drinks. Due to its location in the square dividing Chiado and Bairro Alto, the tables are almost always occupied, from morning to night.

Quiosque Príncipe Real

Praça do Príncipe Real

Quiosque Príncipe Real, Lisbon

This kiosk in the Príncipe Real garden is one of the most popular in the late afternoon. It’s where many start their night before dinner in Bairro Alto, or go for after-work drinks.

Quiosque Lisboa - Príncipe Real

Praça do Príncipe Real

Quiosque Lisboa - Príncipe Real

The second kiosk in the Príncipe Real garden was also the second "Quiosque de Refresco," now renamed Quiosque Lisboa. It's a perfect spot for a break in between shopping down the neighborhood, such as after visiting the Embaixada shopping gallery.

Quiosque do Mercado

Praça D. Luís I (Cais do Sodré)

Quiosque do Cais, Lisbon

This is the kiosk for families. It’s in Praça D. Luís I by the Ribeira Market, and has a playground next to the tables where everyone enjoys toasted sandwiches, salads and waffles.

Quiosque Portas do Sol

Largo das Portas do Sol (Alfama)

Quiosque Portas do Sol, Lisbon

This small kiosk on the Portas do Sol viewpoint serves a variety of drinks, but almost everyone orders beer or coffee. And almost everyone is a tourist, taking a break to enjoy the beautiful view of old Lisbon.

Quiosque Popular

Jardim da Cerca da Graça (Graça)

Quiosque Popular, Lisbon

This large kiosk is in Jardim da Cerca da Graça , where you have a beautiful view of the castle. Opened in 2015, it serves cold soups, sandwiches and homemade cakes.

Quiosque Lisboa - Sé

Largo da Sé (Alfama)

Quiosque Lisboa - Sé

Placed outside the cathedral in 2015, this kiosk attracts the many tourists who arrive by tram or tuk tuk. It has the traditional “ginginha” liqueur, port wine, and pastries.

Quiosque BananaCafé - Praça do Município

Praça do Município (Baixa)

Quiosque BananaCafé - Praça do Município, Lisbon

It’s in one of the city’s most beautiful squares, and invites you to stay in the sun to enjoy a freshly squeezed juice, a toasted sandwich or a caipirinha.

Quiosque Lisboa - Estrela

Praça da Estrela

Quiosque Lisboa - Estrela, Lisbon

It’s arguably Lisbon’s most beautiful kiosk, an Art Nouveau construction dating back to 1909, and now completely restored. It's a favorite of the kids in the neighborhood and of tourists waiting for the tram next to Basilica da Estrela , attracted by the cheap drinks and vegan burgers.

Quiosque Gengibre da Estrela

Jardim da Estrela

Quiosque Gengibre da Estrela, Lisbon

This kiosk in Jardim da Estrela , next to a playground, attracts high school students during the week and families on weekends. There are also a few tourists, who take a break for a cup of coffee, tea or light meal.

Quiosque Clara Clara

Campo de Santa Clara (Alfama)

Quiosque Clara Clara, Lisbon

Jardim Botto Machado is a small park by the National Pantheon , in Campo de Santa Clara. It has a nice kiosk by a playground, that’s perfect for meals after a visit to the flea market on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Quiosque DejaVu Campo Grande

Jardim do Campo Grande (Avenidas Novas)

Quiosque do Campo Grande, Lisbon

The Campo Grande park (officially called Jardim Mário Soares) has a large kiosk on its southern side (by the Entrecampos roundabout), next to a children's playground. It’s frequented by students and local families, and offers snacks for sharing (such as nachos), plus sandwiches, wraps and salads.

Quiosque DejaVu Plaza

Praça Duque de Saldanha

Quiosque Saldanha, Lisbon

Its over 40 seats are usually occupied from morning to night. This is one of the kiosks that remain open until late, opening as early as 8am (9am on Sundays) and only closing at midnight (2am on Fridays and Saturdays). On the menu is a variety of drinks (juices, beer, cocktails, liqueurs) and snacks.

Quiosque Alegria

Praça da Alegria

Quiosque Alegria, Lisbon

Inaugurated in 2017, this kiosk brought life to a landscaped square that had been neglected for several years. It was placed next to a playground and is surrounded by a “walk of fame,” created in 2019 to honor personalities of national theater and cinema, with their names on the cobblestone pavement.
The kiosk stands out for its bowls, bagels, and original salads.

Quiosque BananaCafé - Avenida da Liberdade

Avenida da Liberdade

Quiosque BananaCafé - Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon

There are two BananaCafé kiosks on Avenida da Liberdade. One is by Praça dos Restauradores (pictured above), and the other is by Rua Alexandre Herculano. Both serve juices, salads and toasted sandwiches, often to the sound of live music.

Quiosque "O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo"

Avenida da Liberdade

Quiosque O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo, Lisbon

"The Best Chocolate Cake in the World" was born in 1983 in the Campo de Ourique district, and is served at this kiosk on Avenida da Liberdade (by Rua das Pretas) since 2011. In addition to the delicious pieces of chocolate cake, there are custard tarts, croissants, toasted sandwiches, freshly squeezed juices and cocktails.

Quiosque Ribadouro

Avenida da Liberdade

Quiosque Ribadouro, Lisbon

It specializes in seafood, and is an excellent choice for al fresco dining on Avenida da Liberdade. It has a good selection of wines to accompany shrimp, prawns, lobster or oysters.

Quiosque Hot Dog Lovers

Avenida da Liberdade

Quiosque Hot Dog Lovers, Lisbon

This kiosk on Avenida da Liberdade, by Rua Alexandre Herculano, specializes in hot dogs but also serves sandwiches and patties. They’re good choices for a quick and inexpensive meal.

Quiosque Lisboa - Praça das Flores

Praça das Flores (Príncipe Real)

Quiosque Lisboa - Praça das Flores

This small kiosk is in one of the quietest spots in the city, Praça das Flores. It offers the traditional Lisbon drinks, and invites you to stay chatting or reading a book.

Quiosque de São Paulo

Praça de São Paulo (Cais do Sodré)

Quiosque Lisboa - Praça de São Paulo

A kiosk from 1870 was restored in 2013 to serve Lisbon’s traditional refreshments on a square faced by São Paulo Church. In 2020, new management decided to focus on snacks that have been disappearing from the city's taverns, such as pork sandwiches, fried squid sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, octopus salad, spicy lupini beans, and coffee with ginjinha.

Quiosque do Carmo

Largo do Carmo (Chiado)

Quiosque do Carmo, Lisbon

This kiosk has a few tables facing Carmo Convent . It’s a good choice for coffee, beer or a glass of wine after a stroll through Chiado.

Quiosque Hamburgueria da Parada

Jardim da Parada (Campo de Ourique)

Quiosque Hamburgueria da Parada, Lisbon

The Jardim da Parada garden is the meeting place of those who live in the Campo de Ourique neighborhood, and this kiosk is where many go for a meal or simply a drink among friends. The specialty is hamburgers, enjoyed by people of all ages.

Quiosque das Amoreiras

Praça das Amoreiras

Quiosque das Amoreiras, Lisbon

It’s in one of the most peaceful spots in the city -- the Amoreiras garden (between Largo do Rato and the Amoreiras shopping mall) -- and the playground next to it means it’s family-friendly. It serves light meals (soups, salads, sandwiches).

Quiosque BananaCafé - Praça de Londres

Praça de Londres (Avenidas Novas)

Quiosque BananaCafé - Praça de Londres, Lisbon

Hidden in the small Irmã Lúcia garden in a corner of Praça de Londres (next to São João de Deus church), this kiosk serves light meals (sandwiches, quiches, salads) from breakfast to dinner.

Quiosque Lisboa - Campolide

Rua de Campolide

Quiosque Lisboa - Campolide

The renovation of Praça de Campolide in 2017 introduced this red kiosk, which is a good spot for a break after a ride on tram 24 (it’s located steps from the last stop). It offers several options for snacking, such as cheese platters, nachos, hamburgers and wraps, as well as a variety of drinks, ranging from natural juices to wines and cocktails. Those who can’t get a seat by the kiosk can always sit at the tables nearby, which have been turned into public art by artist Vanessa Teodoro. From here you have a view of the towers of Amoreiras and can walk to the Águas Livres Aqueduct .

Quiosque Xafarix

Largo da Esperança/Avenida D. Carlos I (Madragoa)

Quiosque Xafarix, Lisbon

It’s found in a nightlife neighborhood, so it’s open until 2am. The name was also inspired by the location, by a historic drinking fountain, the Chafariz da Esperança, which dates from 1768. It attracts locals during the day and young people who come for the bars at night, serving a variety of alcoholic beverages and snacks.