The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon

Ao 26 - Vegan Food Project

Rua Vítor Cordon, 26 (Chiado)
967 989 184
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €25

Ao 26, Lisbon

It was one of the first 100% vegan restaurants in Lisbon, and is almost always full, so make sure you book ahead. It presents original dishes and others that recreate traditions of Portuguese cuisine, such as the francesinha, the bifana or the “codfish” fritters, all with no animal products. Don’t leave without trying one of the desserts.


Rua de São Filipe Neri, 14 (Amoreiras)
211 395 258
Closes on Saturdays and Sundays
Price per person: €75

Arkhe, Lisbon

It’s the most refined vegetarian restaurant in the city, offering signature cuisine. The menu changes every three months, with dishes based on the seasons and many of them using organic ingredients. The interior features a minimalist décor, using natural plants.

Jardim das Cerejas

Calçada do Sacramento, 36 (Chiado)
213 469 308
Opens every day
Price per person: €15

Jardim das Cerejas, Lisbon

It opened as a vegetarian restaurant, but today is 100% vegan. The dishes are offered in a buffet (at lunch and dinner) and change every day, but are largely inspired by Indian cuisine.


Rua do Corpo Santo, 2 (Cais do Sodré)
213 460 076
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €20

Kong, Lisbon

It has daily specials (such as a famous Brazilian feijoada on Thursdays), but also offers vegan versions of “guilty pleasures” (such as a hamburger with “bacon” and “fish and chips”). Everything is plant-based, including the desserts.


Avenida Boa Esperança, 4C (Parque das Nações)
210 996 589
Closes on Saturdays and Sundays
Price per person: €15

M.Butterfly, Lisbon

Located by the Vasco da Gama Tower, this restaurant serves vegan lunches that change daily, partly inspired by Asia. Those who aren’t able to get a table in the small interior, can always order takeout.

My Mother's Daughters

Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira, 49 (Avenidas Novas)
(It doesn't have a phone)
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

My Mother's Daughters, Lisbon

Found not far from the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and the El Corte Inglés department store, this restaurant serves meals from early in the morning (breakfast) to late afternoon. All dishes are vegan, many using organic ingredients, and there’s something new every day. You can always count on colorful bowls and delicious desserts, to be enjoyed in the small dining room or at the few tables outside.

Organi Chiado

Calçada Nova de São Francisco, 2 (Chiado)
216 065 121
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €20

Organi Chiado, Lisbon

It was once a "healthy food" restaurant, with vegetarian and fish options, but today is 100% vegan. It uses local and organic products, and only has sugar-free desserts. The dishes can be accompanied by natural juices and organic wines, and enjoyed at the tables on the steps outside.


Rua Dom Luís I, 19 (Cais do Sodré)
936 217 616
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

O Botanista, Lisbon

It’s probably the greenest restaurant in the city, with a plant-filled interior. Open throughout the day (from noon to midnight), it has dishes for all kinds of meals, all of them vegan. The drink options include natural juices, smoothies, organic teas, cocktails, sangria, beers, and Portuguese wines. Save space for one of the desserts, which use natural sweeteners such as dates, agave and coconut sugar.

Os Tibetanos

Rua do Salitre, 117 (Avenida da Liberdade)
213 142 038
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

Os Tibetanos, Lisbon

Located not far from Avenida da Liberdade, this Tibetan-inspired restaurant serves vegetarian meals. It’s one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in the city (it’s part of a Buddhist school located upstairs) and has a pleasant patio, which is heated in winter.


Alameda Santo António dos Capuchos, Jardim dos Sabores (Pena)
213 590 573
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €15

Psi, Lisbon

This small green oasis is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant. The dishes are reasonably priced, and can be served in the (covered) garden, although the interior is just as welcoming, with its Zen ambience that has been blessed by the Dalai Lama.

The Green Affair (Chiado)

Rua Serpa Pinto, 15A (Chiado)
969 398 228
Opens every day
Price per person: €15

Green Affair, Lisbon

There are daily specials (and a reasonably-priced lunch menu), but the regular menu is divided into main dishes from international cuisines and hamburgers -- all plant-based and focusing on local and organic products. It has a tasteful décor, a small patio, and a bar mixing cocktails and mocktails.

The Green Affair (Saldanha)

Avenida Duque de Ávila, 30 (Avenidas Novas)
967 472 286
Opens every day
Price per person: €15

Green Affair, Lisbon

This restaurant is one of the best choices for non-carnivores. Vegan meals inspired by world cuisines are served in an elegant space and at tables placed outside on the sidewalk. There’s also a bar for cocktails and mocktails.

Vegan Junkies

Rua Luciano Cordeiro, 28 (Pena)
213 530 669
Closes on Sundays and Mondays
Price per person: €15

Vegan Junkies, Lisbon

It’s not a fast food restaurant, but it does offer the same type of guilty pleasures, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and tortillas. The only difference is that everything is vegan. French fries and salad are the main sides, you can always ask for extra “cheese.” To drink, there are juices of the day, craft beers, wine by the glass or bottle, and cocktails. There’s space for just half a dozen tables inside, but more are placed outside by the door.