Lisbon Shopping Guide

What to Buy in Lisbon

What to buy in Lisbon? There are the quality shoes (Portuguese shoes are the world's second-most expensive after those made in Italy, but quality has a price), embroidery and handicrafts, ceramics and cork design (Portugal is the world's leading producer of the eco-friendly product), and the luxurious soaps of the Claus Porto, Ach Brito, Castelbel and Confiança brands. And be sure to also check out the fashions of local designers, the tempting local gourmet products (such as the cheeses and the canned fish in charming retro packagings) and of course the wines. Here are the recommended shops where you can find it all:

Local Fashion and Design

Cork & Co.

Rua das Salgadeiras, 10 (Bairro Alto)

Cork & Co., Lisbon

Portugal's most unique design pieces are made of cork, and you'll find many examples at this store in Bairro Alto. There is furniture and fashion accessories made with that very Portuguese eco-friendly material, all of high quality and with a distinctive design.


Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, 31A (Chiado)

Cubanas, Lisbon

Despite the name, this is a 100% Portuguese brand, with creations by Portuguese designers for women, men and children. It's been in business since 2005, has exported to all over the world, but opened its first store in Lisbon's Chiado in 2011. That same year it won a footwear design and innovation award at the GDS trade fair show in Dusseldorf. The shoes are characterized by warm colors, and it's expanding to a wide range of fashion accessories.


Praça do Príncipe Real, 26 (Príncipe Real)

Embaixada, Lisbon

A beautiful palace from the 1800s is now a showcase for some of the best Portuguese products, dividing the rooms into shops of different brands. It's worth going inside not just for the quality of the original products but also for the Art Nouveau and Moorish Revival architecture.

Loja da Burel

Rua Serpa Pinto, 15B (Chiado)

Loja da Burel, Lisbon

This shop presents the most creative handmade products from Serra da Estrela (a mountain range in Portugal's central region), especially the wool that creates an innovative and distinguished sustainable and functional design. Everything is presented as in a gallery, from rugs to blankets, backpacks, bags, chairs, and textiles in a variety of colors. Some pieces are creations by young Portuguese designers and there's still room for gourmet products like jams, honey, and even ketchup.

Luís Onofre

Avenida da Liberdade, 247

Luis Onofre, Lisbon

Luis Onofre's shoes have already been worn by famous women like Michelle Obama and Paris Hilton, and all the models of the latest collection are available at this shop on Avenida da Liberdade. The designer has been creating luxurious footwear since the late 1990s, exporting over 90% of it. This is his first store, taking another step towards promoting and expanding the brand in Portugal and internationally. The small space occupies two floors, and in addition to the shoes there are bags and clutches.


Rua D. Pedro V, Pátio do Tijolo, Loja 4 (Príncipe Real)

Pelcor, Lisbon

Portugal is the world's biggest exporter of cork, so nothing says "Portugal" more than a cork-made product. You'll find many of them at this shop, which offers everything from handbags to umbrellas and footwear. Take a look and you'll understand how it's an award-winning brand distinguished for its eco-friendly design, innovation, and creativity. Those are also the qualities that made it part of a special exhibition of Portuguese design in New York's MoMA, in May of 2010.

Sapataria do Carmo

Largo do Carmo, 26 (Chiado)

Sapataria do Carmo, Lisbon

One of the oldest shops in town (it was founded more than a century ago, in 1904), this small space was renovated in 2012. It preserves a traditionally exquisite 1950s décor, but with the refinement expected by today's shoppers. It only offers Portuguese handmade shoes, including exclusive pieces.

Gift Shops

A Vida Portuguesa

Rua Anchieta, 11 (Chiado) | Largo do Intendente, 23 (Mouraria)

A Vida Portuguesa, Lisbon

Turn back time and grab a classic Portuguese product as a gift. Nostalgic locals, or simply those with good taste, come here for the same soaps and gourmet products that their grandmothers used to buy, while tourists are fascinated by the retro packagings. "Genuine" is the word to describe everything you see at the original shop in Chiado and at a second branch in Largo do Intendente, which is more spacious and includes homeware.

Claus Porto

Rua da Misericórdia, 135 (Chiado)

Claus Porto, Lisbon

What was once a pharmacy is now this beautiful Claus Porto store, a brand of fragrances founded in the city of Porto in 1887. It was the first soap and perfume factory in Portugal, and although its handmade products are sold in over 60 countries (especially the famous soaps), this is its first store, split into two levels, one of them for the male line Musgo Real. The interior (with a tiled floor, stuccoed ceiling and restored cabinets) takes you back to the Belle Époque, as do the product labels, with their colorful patterns drawn by hand. There are soaps of every color, cologne, and Art Deco candles, and in between the two floors are documents and photographs on the wall recalling the history of the brand.

Fábrica Sant'anna

Calçada da Boa Hora, 94B (Belém) / Rua Alecrim, 95 (Chiado)

Fábrica Sant'anna, Lisbon

Founded in 1741, this decorative tiles and ceramics factory invites you to enter and observe its artists hand-painting each piece. A visit ends at the shop, where you just may be tempted to buy something for your home, and there’s yet another shop in the center of the city (in Chiado) to choose your most beautiful gifts from Lisbon.

Vista Alegre

Largo do Chiado, 23 (Chiado)

Vista Alegre, Lisbon

The fine porcelain of Vista Alegre has ended up at the grandest tables in Portugal and around the world (including at the White House in Washington and in European palaces) since 1824. The designs range from classic to highly contemporary, and this is the best shop to look for them.

Gourmet Products and Wines

Antiga Confeitaria de Belém

Rua de Belém, 84 (Belém)

Antiga Confeitaria de Belém, Lisbon

No gourmet basket from Lisbon is complete without something sweet, and there’s nothing sweeter or more typical of Lisbon than the custard tart. Baked on this site since 1837, it attracts literally thousands of tourists and locals every every, who crowd the different rooms or order half a dozen (or more) to go.

Confeitaria Nacional

Praça da Figueira, 18 (Baixa)

Confeitaria Nacional, Lisbon

Founded in 1829, the “national confectionery” specializes in the traditional Christmas cake (“bolo-rei”), but has been internationally recognized for all of its types of Portuguese pastries. Upon entering you hardly notice the beautiful 19th-century interior, since you’ll instantly be tempted by the pastries that you may enjoy on the spot or at home.

Conserveira de Lisboa

Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 34 (Baixa)

Conserveira de Lisboa, Lisbon

It’s one of Lisbon’s most beautiful shops, and one of its most iconic. It’s also perhaps the oldest "gourmet store" in town, covered in canned fish since 1930. A visit here is like stepping back in time, thanks to the authentic and well-preserved décor that recalls the Lisbon of yesteryear. Retro packaging makes every item a beautiful gift from Portugal. There's tuna, cod, mussels, sardines (including roe, which is considered the "Portuguese caviar"), among other delicacies from the sea.

Espaço Açores

Rua de São Julião, 58 (Baixa)

Espaço Açores, Lisbon

This shop is all about the regional products of the Azores. It imports them directly from the nine islands, including the famous cheeses, passion fruit liqueur and pineapple jams. And, of course, the only tea produced in Europe, the Gorreana green tea.

Garrafeira Nacional

Rua de Santa Justa, 18; Rua da Conceição, 20-26 (Baixa)

Garrafeira Nacional, Lisbon

It’s almost a century old (it opened in 1927) and remains one of the best shops to look for all kinds of Portuguese wines. It offers several that are hard to find elsewhere, from the oldest labels (such as a real treasure from 1795) to the most recent ones.

Loja das Conservas

Rua do Arsenal, 130 (Baixa)

Loja das Conservas, Lisbon

The first Loja das Conservas opened in 2013, bringing together over 300 types of sea products from different brands. You just have to decide whether you prefer sardines, tuna, octopus, mackerel, mussels...

Manteigaria Silva

Rua Dom Antão de Almada, 1D (Baixa)

Manteigaria Silva, Lisbon

This is one of the few shops that have managed to preserve their heritage. It opened in 1890, and a 1923 machine still cuts its hams. Known for offering all kinds of cod, it also has an excellent selection of cheeses and hams.

Manuel Tavares

Rua da Betesga, 1 (Baixa)

Manuel Tavares, Lisbon

In business since 1860, this shop is where many go looking for the best national charcuterie, in addition to the cheeses, olive oils and dried fruits from different parts of the country. It also has an excellent selection of wines, quite popular with tourists.



Rua Garrett, 73-75 (Chiado)

Bertrand, Lisbon

It's Lisbon's, Portugal's, and the world's oldest bookstore, as confirmed by a certificate from the Guinness World Records, which is found by the door. It offers the latest bestsellers, displayed next to the classics on wooden floor-to-ceiling shelves. There are also local and international periodicals.

Ler Devagar

Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103/Lx Factory (Alcântara)

Ler Devagar, Lisbon

This bookstore first opened in Bairro Alto, but moved to a larger space in the Lx Factory complex, which was once a printing house. It has kept the old printing machines, and the décor with a bicycle hanging from the ceiling and books covering the walls has placed it among the world's 10 most beautiful bookstores. It offers a good selection of art-related books, including some in English and French. The large industrial interior includes a bar downstairs and a gallery on the upper level.