Top 10 Restaurants and the 30 Hottest Tables Right Now in Lisbon

For fine dining, special and memorable meals, Michelin stars or creative cuisine by top chefs, choose one of the ten restaurants on the list below, which is followed by another, with the 30 hottest tables in town right now. These are places that offer the complete experience -- good food, good service, and good atmosphere -- and we've made selections for all tastes and budgets:


Rua Serpa Pinto, 10A (Chiado)
213 420 607
Closes on Sundays and Mondays
Price per person: €120

Restaurante Belcanto, Lisbon

Many have traveled to Lisbon just to dine at this restaurant. It opened in 2012 and was awarded a Michelin star a year later, recognizing the talent of chef José Avillez (it currently has two stars). Avillez owns other restaurants in town, but it's here that he presents his signature cutting-edge Portuguese cuisine.


Rua Anchieta, 15 (Chiado)
213 470 650
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €60

Restaurante Alma, Lisbon

Henrique Sá Pessoa is one of Portugal’s celebrity chefs, and this is where he serves his "haute cuisine." Known for innovating Portuguese cuisine, he offers tasting menus together with à la carte options. The restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2016, one year after opening in Chiado (at the moment it has two stars).


Rua Marquês de Fronteira
213 862 211
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €75

Restaurante Eleven, Lisbon

This restaurant with panoramic city views at the top of Edward VII Park is another of Lisbon's Michelin stars. It presents Mediterranean cuisine by the talented chef Joachim Koerper in an elegant dining room.


Doca do Bom Sucesso (Belém)
210 400 200
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €125

Restaurante Feitoria, Lisbon

Being located at the starting point of many of the Portuguese explorers' voyages, this restaurant distinguished with a Michelin star adds a touch of the exotic to Portuguese cuisine. The East is everywhere, starting with the décor, which includes an illustration of the Portuguese arriving in Japan. The menu changes twice a year so that only seasonal ingredients are used, and there's a wide selection of wines.


Rua dos Navegantes, 53 (Estrela)
213 951 861
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €150

Restaurante Loco, Lisbon

This restaurant is from one of the city’s most acclaimed chefs, and has an open kitchen, where the dishes of two bold and fun tasting menus are prepared. It’s inspired by the traditions of the national cuisine, using seasonal products, and has been recognized with a Michelin star.

Fifty Seconds

Cais das Naus, Lote 2.21.01/Torre Vasco da Gama (Parque das Nações)
211 525 380
Closes on Sundays and Mondays
Price per person: €150

Fifty Seconds, Lisbon

Located at the top of the Vasco da Gama Tower (which is now the Myriad Hotel), this restaurant offers one of the most impressive views in the city (the name refers to the time it takes the elevator to go up the 120 meters/394 feet). Chef Martín Berasategui, who has several Michelin stars at his restaurants in Spain, is responsible for the cuisine, and has also been given a star in Lisbon. Mediterranean dishes are served à la carte or in a tasting menu.


Largo da Academia das Belas Artes, 14 (Chiado)
213 460 519
Closes on Sundays and Mondays
Price per person: €100

Epur, Lisbon

French chef Vincent Farges spent ten years at one of the best restaurants in Portugal, in Cascais, but ended up moving to a luxury resort in Barbados. Years later he returned to Portugal, and chose Lisbon for his own restaurant. And it’s quite a beautiful place, with windows facing one of the best views of the Portuguese capital. It has an open kitchen and a Nordic-style interior lined with 18th-century tiles.
The four tasting menus of contemporary cuisine change every season, and use the freshest products from small national producers. The wines are all Portuguese, except for the champagne. In 2019 it was awarded a Michelin star.

JNcQuoi Avenida

Avenida da Liberdade, 182-184
219 369 900
Opens every day
Price per person: €45

JNcQuoi Avenida, Lisbon

It’s the restaurant that Avenida da Liberdade was waiting for -- upscale, but not quite exclusive or luxurious. It has a beautiful décor on its two levels (there’s a third level that’s a men’s fashion store), and serves meals from lunch to dinnertime. To get a table on weekends, you need to book well in advance.

100 Maneiras

Rua do Teixeira, 39 (Bairro Alto)
91 091 8181
Closes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Price per person: €125

Restaurante 100 Maneiras, Lisbon

Chef Ljubomir Stanisic mixes innovation and humor in his tasting menus, using products found at the Ribeira Market. That's how he guarantees freshness and surprise in every dish, without forgetting his signature creations, which were distinguished with a Michelin star in 2020.

JNcQuoi Asia

Avenida da Liberdade, 144
210 513 000
Opens every day
Price per person: €50

JNcQuoi Asia, Lisbon

The main dining room has an iconic dragon skeleton hanging from the ceiling, but the four areas of this trendy restaurant are decorated with Asian motifs. At the entrance is the bar, followed by the Asian cuisine restaurant, a sushi room and a terrace. It serves specialties from Thailand, Japan, China and India, and every meal should end with one of the signature desserts.


A Cevicheria

Rua D. Pedro V, 129 (Príncipe Real)
218 038 815
Opens every day
Price per person: €25

A Cevicheria, Lisbon

A giant octopus on the ceiling welcomes you to this small but very popular spot, with just one counter and around half a dozen tables. It does not take reservations, so you must wait by the door with a pisco sour before you can enjoy celebrity chef Kiko’s signature ceviches.

A Praça

Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103 (Alcântara/Lx Factory)
210 991 792
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

A Praça, Lisbon

This cool vintage space, with a display of fresh produce to be used in the kitchen, always has a lively atmosphere. The bar by the door is where you sip gins as you wait for your table, before choosing from a varied menu.

A Taberna da Rua das Flores

Rua das Flores, 103 (Chiado)
213 479 418
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €20

A Taberna da Rua das Flores, Lisbon

Locals mingle with tourists by the door of this small restaurant, in long waits for a spot at one of the few tables available (it doesn’t take reservations), as everyone knows that the dishes of the day (listed on a chalkboard) are worth the wait. Almost everything is traditional Portuguese cuisine, with the occasional exotic surprise.


Praça Luís de Camões, 2 - 5th floor (Chiado)
213 408 253
Opens every day
Price per person: €45

BAHR, Lisbon

This restaurant, found at the top of the Bairro Alto Hotel, has an open kitchen and a bar on a beautiful terrace facing the river. Its seasonal menus are created by chef Nuno Mendes, who was distinguished with a Michelin star in London. The terrace is where the city’s best brunch with a view is served, and for dinner there’s a menu inspired by national cuisine but with international touches.

O Bairro do Avillez

Rua Nova da Trindade, 18 (Chiado)
215 830 290
Opens every day
Price per person: €40

O Bairro do Avillez, Lisbon

Distinguished chef José Avillez’ biggest spot is split into two spaces -- the “Taberna” by the entrance for the chef’s “petiscos” (tapas), and the “Pátio” in a courtyard in the back, serving mostly fish and seafood. It’s not easy getting a table without a reservation at Pátio, while at Taberna no reservations are accepted, so you just have to wait.

Bistro 100 Maneiras

Largo da Trindade, 9 (Chiado)
210 990 475
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €40

Bistro 100 Maneiras, Lisbon

It’s one of the most attractive restaurants in town, divided into two floors, with a cocktail bar downstairs. The best table is found upstairs by the window looking over the Chiado district, but any table is a good spot to enjoy the dishes imagined by the creative chef Ljubomir Stanisic.

Boa Bao

Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, 30 (Chiado)
919 023 030
Opens every day
Price per person: €25

Boa Bao, Lisbon

It didn’t need much advertising -- word-of-mouth turned this restaurant into one of the hottest spots in Chiado as soon as it opened. The different dishes from different Asian cuisines seem to please everyone, and the lively atmosphere also makes them return and recommend it.


Avenida Infante Dom Henrique/Doca do Jardim do Tabaco/Santa Apolónia (Alfama)
218 877 532
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

Casanova, Lisbon

It opened in the now-distant year of 2000, but it continues to be one of the favorite pizzerias in town. There’s always a long line waiting for a spot on the communal tables, preferably outside on the terrace. The crispy thin-crust pizzas are prepared in a wood oven, and the specialty is the fig and prosciutto pizza, although it’s only available in the summer.


Travessa da Palmeira, 46 (Príncipe Real)
213 461 534
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

Chutnify, Lisbon

It’s quite a small place, so it’s better to reserve a table. It’s a very popular contemporary Indian restaurant, and has a bar mixing good cocktails and other drinks to accompany the meals.

Cícero Bistrot

Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 171 (Campo de Ourique)
966 913 699
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €60

Cícero Bistrot, Lisbon

Named after and inspired by a Brazilian modernist painter who moved to France and then to Lisbon, this restaurant presents a menu combining the flavors and products of France, Brazil and Portugal. The fish comes from the Portuguese coast, while the dark chocolate used in the desserts is imported from Brazil. Its three themed dining rooms are decorated like an art gallery, with colorful works by Cícero Dias and other Brazilian and French artists. There are also Parisian-style chairs and tables outside.


Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 105B (Campolide)
912 592 132
Opens every day
Price per person: €45

Erva, Lisbon

It looks like an indoor garden, decorated with potted plants and vertical gardens, and has an open kitchen, next to a display of dry-aged meat. That meat is listed on the menu, which mixes signature cuisine and dishes inspired by Portuguese traditions, using seasonal ingredients. There’s an excellent list of starters and a good range of main courses, with meat, fish and vegetarian options. The desserts are a curious mix of textures and flavors. The atmosphere is welcoming and livened by a DJ at night. It’s recommended that you book in advance.

Ground Burger

Avenida António Augusto Aguiar, 148A (Avenidas Novas)
213 717 171
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

Ground Burger, Lisbon

It's unquestionably Lisbon’s best burger joint. Located next to the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, it’s very popular at both lunch and dinner time, offering true American-style burgers accompanied by milkshakes or craft beers. The vegetarian option is one of the best in town.

Il Mercato

Rua Artilharia 1, 51/Pátio Bagatela (Amoreiras)
211 930 941
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €25

Il Mercato, Lisbon

This restaurant takes you on a trip to Italy. By the entrance is an "Italian market" with cheeses, sausages and olive oils, and a bar of fresh pastas, where you may choose from 20 varieties. At the tables inside or on the terrace, you have the choices of a menu of the day and the regular menu with other suggestions, made with the products sold at the “market.”


Rua do Salitre, 169
934 000 949
Opens every day
Price per person: €65

K.O.B., Lisbon

A restaurant for meat lovers, KOB selects the best meats, with the highlights being the premium Wagyu cuts from Germany, Japan and Australia. A meal should always start with one of the tasty starters, and to accompany the meat there’s a good selection of wines, particularly reds from the Douro and Alentejo regions. The dark blue and copper-toned dining room is relatively small, so a reservation is a must. In the summer, there’s also the option of outdoor seating.

MAAT Café & Kitchen

Avenida Brasília
910 583 709
Opens every day
Price per person: €40

MAAT Café & Kitchen, Lisbon

Divided into café and restaurant, this spot in the MAAT serves Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine. It offers a view of the river and 25 de Abril Bridge, from the terrace and the interior dining area. The café service is for the mornings and the afternoon hours between lunch and dinner, while for the two main meals of the day you can expect more of a fine dining experience. The highlights on the menu are the choices of a dozen starters to share and the fish dishes. On weekends, it serves brunch (the pancakes, the eggs and the baos are the most popular). At night, a DJ, light shows and projections on the walls invite you to stay for cocktails.

Palácio Chiado

Rua do Alecrim, 70 (Chiado)
210 101 184
Opens every day
Price per person: €30

Palácio Chiado, Lisbon

This isn’t a restaurant, it’s a palatial space from the 1700s divided into several gastronomic experiences. Downstairs is a bar and options for lighter and faster meals, while upstairs are the more elaborate choices.


Avenida 24 de Julho, 49/Mercado da Ribeira (Cais do Sodré)
213 464 811
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €40

Restaurante Pap'Açorda, Lisbon

It’s one of the city's favorites since it opened in Bairro Alto in the 1980s. In 2016 it moved to the Ribeira Market, maintaining the classic dishes while adding new ones. It has a good selection of wines to accompany the excellent mix of traditional and contemporary Portuguese cuisine.


Rua Marechal Saldanha, 2 (Santa Catarina)
213 462 146
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €25

Pharmácia, Lisbon

It’s in a palace facing one of the city’s most popular lookout points, so it attracts many tourists and locals, especially to its terrace. In the curious interior, inspired by the pharmacies of yesteryear, chef Susana Felicidade presents Algarve-inspired “petiscos” (small plates) with her personal touch.


Rua da Bela Vista à Graça, 126 (Graça)
933 404 461
Opens every day
Price per person: €45-€70

Plano Restaurant, Lisbon

This restaurant is one of Lisbon's top secrets. It’s hidden in Graça, away from the viewpoints that attract so many tourists to the neighborhood. It’s where you go for an unhurried experience, tasting the different dishes imagined by one of Lisbon’s most promising young chefs, Vítor Adão. The menu changes every day, using seasonal products but always inspired by traditional Portuguese cuisine. The interior is divided into three rooms and there’s also a patio with a grill (only in the warmer months). Reservations are required.


Travessa das Pedras Negras, 2 (Alfama)
210 534 649
Closes on Mondays and Tuesdays
Price per person: €30

Prado, Lisbon

This restaurant, around the corner from the cathedral, has a "farm to table" concept. It brings to the capital many of the best ingredients from national producers, so everything is fresh and seasonal, and it doesn’t have a fixed menu. However, everything is always based on Portuguese cuisine and innovative. Natural and organic wines accompany each dish. The space is minimalist, but with a lot of green.


Avenida Almirante Reis, 1 (Mouraria)
218 851 024
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €30

Ramiro, Lisbon

Now over-half-a-century-old, this seafood restaurant is more popular than ever, especially after Anthony Bourdain stopped by. Waiting in line is therefore unavoidable, but the reward is the quality seafood and a memorable meal.

Sala de Corte

Praça D. Luis I, 7 (Cais do Sodré)
213 460 030
Opens every day
Price per person: €35

Sala de Corte, Lisbon

After a successful first year, this restaurant by the Ribeira Market moved to a bigger space and refreshed its menu, with new meat options and delicious desserts (such as the unforgettable red fruit pavlova). It’s the place for meat lovers, guaranteeing fulfilling meals at both lunch and dinner.

Sea Me

Rua do Loreto, 21 (Chiado)
213 461 564
Opens every day
Price per person: €35

Sea Me, Lisbon

This "modern fish market" is the place to enjoy all kinds of fish and seafood, prepared in Portuguese or Japanese style. The fish arrives from the Portuguese coast, from Sesimbra to Peniche and Algarve, guaranteeing freshness and a full house every day of the week.


Avenida da Liberdade, 185 (9th floor)
210 965 775
Opens every day
Price per person: €50

Seen, Lisbon

Connected to one of the best rooftop bars in the city, this restaurant also offers a beautiful view, to admire while sampling dishes from different cuisines of the world and enjoying signature cocktails. It features an elegant décor, with a large tree in the middle of the room.

Solar dos Presuntos

Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 150 (Avenida da Liberdade)
213 424 253
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €35

Solar dos Presuntos, Lisbon

It’s one of the best restaurants to taste different specialties of traditional Portuguese cuisine, especially from the north of the country. Divided into three floors, decorated with caricatures and photographs of artists and athletes who have passed by, it sits about 200 people, but it’s almost always necessary to book a table. There's also a terrace with a mural created by the prominent street artist Vhils, honoring the restaurant's founders, Evaristo and Graça Cardoso.

Sud Lisboa

Avenida Brasília - Pavilhão Poente (Belém)
211 592 700
Opens every day
Price per person: €35

Sud Lisboa

It’s right next to the MAAT, but the reason why this is one of the hottest restaurants at the moment is the view and the fact that it’s open throughout day (and the rooftop pool also helps).

Taberna Sal Grosso

Calçada do Forte, 22
215 982 212
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

Taberna Sal Grosso, Lisbon

This small, traditional restaurant is hidden a few feet from Santa Apolónia Station. It’s where you can still eat like in the good old days, at reasonable prices. The menu of the day is listed in chalk on the wall, and consists of traditional dishes. Very popular and informal, it’s sometimes necessary to share a table, both at lunch and dinner, as it only has 27 seats.


Calçada da Estrela, 57 (São Bento)
911 807 513
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €60

XXL by Olivier Restaurant

In business since 1994, XL was taken over by Lisbon’s leading restaurateur Olivier da Costa in 2021. An X was added to the name and the menu reinvented, while maintaining the steak that the original restaurant was famous for. There’s a good selection of appetizers, and more meat than fish dishes, plus some mouth-watering desserts. The dimly-lit space maintains a classic décor and is recommended for a romantic dinner or business lunch.

Yakuza Lisboa

Rua Júlio César Machado, 7 (Hotel Avani)
934 000 913
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €70

Yakuza Lisboa

The former Olivier Avenida restaurant, which attracted local and international celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Christian Bale, is now one of the best Japanese restaurants in Portugal. It presents unique and surprising creations, combining Asian traditions and Mediterranean flavors, such as the delicious grilled crab leg with miso sauce or the hake loin over miso. Signature cocktails accompany the dishes and invite you to prolong your meal and enjoy the intimate setting. The décor is also of Japanese inspiration, from the plants to the images on the walls.

Zero Zero

Rua da Escola Politécnica, 32 (Príncipe Real); Alameda dos Oceanos, Lote 2.11.01H (Parque das Nações)
213 420 091 (Príncipe Real); 218 957 016 (Parque das Nações)
Opens every day
Price per person: €20

Zero Zero, Lisbon

This pizzeria doesn’t accept bookings and is always full. As you wait for a table, you enjoy a prosecco and stand in the hope of getting a spot outside on the pleasant terrace facing the Botanical Garden. The wholewheat pizzas are slightly elastic and prepared in a wood oven.