Fashion Designers in Lisbon

Portugal has a long history as a textiles and ready-to-wear producer for international retailers, but it was only in the 1980s that Portuguese fashion design really began to develop, thanks to new design schools and regular fashion events. Lisbon's Bairro Alto was the first hub of young designers, and over the years many have shown their collections in Paris, New York and other fashion capitals. Today, many have their studio or store in Lisbon, mostly in the Chiado and Príncipe Real districts, while others are represented in the city's concept stores. These are the names you should look for (in alphabetical order by first name):

Alexandra Moura

Born in Lisbon, Alexandra Moura presented her first collection in 2000 and is a regular at Lisbon fashion weeks, as well as at international events. Her first store opened in Lisbon in 2012, and she's been featured in publications such as the "Atlas of Fashion Designers" and "Fashion Design Sourcebook." Although her store has closed, you may still visit her studio in the neighborhood of Xabregas.


This duo creates ready-to-wear for women and haute couture for men and women. You can check out their latest collections at their studio in Chiado.

Anabela Baldaque

With a career spanning over 30 years, Anabela Baldaque is a designer from Porto with a label with her name created in 1988. She opened a store in Lisbon in 2014, and although it has since closed, she still participates in all major fashion events.

Dino Alves

A regular in Lisbon's fashion events since the mid-1990s, Dino Alves has also presented his collections in France, Germany and Brazil. In 2009 he was invited by Italian brand "Segue" to design a piece of luggage, although he is best known for his daring men's and women's fashions using unconventional materials and styles. Some of his creations can be found in Lisbon's concept stores and at his studio downtown.

Fátima Lopes

Being Lisbon's boldest designer has taken Fátima Lopes to the major fashion capitals of the world. Her first international show was in Paris, where she opened a store, as she did in Los Angeles a few years later. Her boutique in Lisbon was one of the top destinations of the Bairro Alto district for almost two decades, but it closed in 2016 and she moved her studio closer to the upscale Avenida da Liberdade. Lopes was the talk around the world in 2000, when she modeled her own million-dollar diamond-covered swimsuit down a Paris runway, which caught the attention of new international markets.

Filipe Faísca

Creating fashion since a young age, Filipe Faísca grew as a major professional throughout the 80s and 90s, and is recognized today as one of the biggest names in Portuguese fashion. Over the years he's worked on several local projects, such as the wardrobe of Portuguese films and staff uniforms for some of Lisbon's top hotels and restaurants. His collections can be found at his store in Chiado.

Lidija Kolovrat

Lidija Kolovrat was born in Bosnia but lives in Lisbon since 1990. More than a fashion designer, she's an interdisciplinary artist, working on fashion, sculpture, video and interior design. Her studio and store is found in the Principe Real district since 2010.

Luís Onofre

Luís Onofre is a designer of luxurious shoes and accessories, and has his own brand since 1999. The excellence of each product has conquered international markets, from Italy to Russia, to China and the United States, and his first store in Portugal opened on Avenida da Liberdade in 2014. Some of the famous women who have worn his shoes include Michelle Obama and Paris Hilton.

Nuno Gama

Although most of his career was made in the city of Porto, Nuno Gama moved to Lisbon in 2012. Known for collections inspired by Portuguese culture, he now has a store of men's fashion and accessories in Chiado.