The Best Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon

Where to eat fresh fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast

Aqui Há Peixe

Rua da Trindade, 18A (Chiado)
213 432 154
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €35

Aqui Há Peixe, Lisbon

It opened in Lisbon in 2009, but it was already one of the favorite restaurants in the region when it was located on the beach of Comporta. The freshness of the fish and the recipes haven’t changed since the move to the center of the capital, and the fish continues to come directly from the sea, not from farms.


Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 28D (Baixa)
218 872 411
Opens every day
Price per person: €30

BaixaMar, Lisbon

This downtown restaurant has a tank from where customers can choose the lobster or crab that they want to have on the plate. The specialties are the shellfish “cataplana” and the seafood and lobster rice. The list of drinks has three dozen wines, cocktails and gins.

Cervejaria Liberdade

Avenida da Liberdade, 185
213 198 620
Opens every day
Price per person: €45

Cervejaria Liberdade, Lisbon

The most sophisticated beerhouse and seafood restaurant in town displays the catch of the day in the dining room, straight from the waters of the Portuguese coast (from the city of Aveiro to Algarve in the south). Clams and oysters are the most popular choices, and there are also meat dishes.


Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 23 (Avenida da Liberdade)
213 421 466
Opens every day
Price per person: €50

Gambrinus, Lisbon

It opened in 1936 as a German beerhouse but became an upscale restaurant in the 1960s. Today, it remains a good option for Portuguese cuisine, especially fish and seafood. The décor hasn’t changed, featuring exotic woods and a stained glass illustrating King Gambrinus.

Mar ao Carmo

Largo do Carmo, 21 (Chiado)
933 502 602
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €30

Mar ao Carmo, Lisbon

This restaurant brings the sea to the center of Lisbon, serving fish and seafood from Portuguese waters. It has tables outside, facing the ruins of Carmo Convent, and a small interior that welcomes you with a tank of lobsters and crabs next to a display of the catch of the day. There are also meat options, such as the steak sandwich which traditionally ends the meal. It’s open throughout the day, allowing you to have a bite at any time.

Marisqueira do Lis

Avenida Almirante Reis, 27B (Intendente)
218 850 739
Closes on Tuesdays
Price per person: €30

Marisqueira do Lis, Lisbon

This seafood restaurant, inaugurated in 1973, has been rediscovered. It stands out for its shellfish tanks, which guarantees freshness. Following tradition, beer accompanies the seafood, and the “prego” (steak sandwich) completes the meals.

Marisqueira M

Rua do Norte, 100-102 (Bairro Alto)
213 461 027
Opens every day
Price per person: €25

Marisqueira M, Lisbon

Bairro Alto’s only seafood restaurant also has steaks and vegetarian options. For those who really want the flavors of the sea, there’s a list of petiscos (or small plates, ranging from ceviche to clams), plus cod and other fish dishes, and seafood platters.

Monte Mar Lisboa

Rua da Cintura, Armazém 65 (Cais do Sodré)
213 220 160
Opens every day
Price per person: €40

Monte Mar Lisbon

After the success by the sea in Cascais, it was time to open another branch in Lisbon, by the river. It took over an old warehouse, with a spacious interior and a large terrace outside. It serves the same fish and seafood specialties, including its famous hake fillets with cockle rice.

Nunes Real Marisqueira

Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 112 (Belém)
213 019 899
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €35

Nunes Real Marisqueira, Lisbon

A restaurant located so close to the Belém Tower could have been a tourist trap, but instead is a destination for all types of seafood lovers. The tanks with crustaceans in the dining room prove that everything is fresh, as are the different types of fish on the menu. Steaks are the top choices for those who prefer meat.

Peixaria da Esquina

Rua Correia Teles, 56 (Campo de Ourique)
213 874 644
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €30

Peixaria da Esquina, Lisbon

Chef Vítor Sobral’s second restaurant (his first was Tasca da Esquina, in the same neighborhood) focuses on fish, prepared in a variety of ways: in the oven, grilled, cured or marinated. There are only three meat options - steak, the traditional “prego” (sirloin steak sandwich) and “bitoque” (steak with egg and fries).


Rua do Alecrim, 35 (Chiado)
213 460 011
Closes on Mondays and Tuesdays
Price per person: €20

Peixola, Lisbon

Fish of all kinds, raw or cooked (in tapas, as ceviche or tartare), is served on a counter and accompanied by rum-based cocktails or Portuguese wines. No, there are no alternatives on the menu -- you’ll only get fish here.


Praça dos Restauradores, 79 (Avenida da Liberdade)
213 465 106
Opens every day
Price per person: €30

Pinóquio, Lisbon

With a terrace on the busy Restauradores Squares, this restaurant attracts tourists but also many locals, who are fans of its seafood and especially the clams. The steaks also score high, served in a very laid-back atmosphere.


Avenida Almirante Reis, 1 (Intendente)
218 851 024
Closes on Mondays
Price per person: €30

Ramiro, Lisbon

Known for its fresh seafood (from the cold waters of the north of the Iberian peninsula), this is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Lisbon. Open for over half a century, it’s more popular than ever, and you may have to wait a while at the door. If you ask a local to recommend a seafood restaurant, you’ll likely be sent here.


Avenida da Liberdade, 155
213 549 411
Opens every day
Price per person: €35

Ribadouro, Lisbon

In business since 1947, this was where many people traditionally went after a night at one of the several theaters in the area. It’s still the choice of many locals (and tourists) for seafood meals, accompanied by beer. Outside is a kiosk surrounded by tables, where you may enjoy the restaurant’s dishes in the open air.

Sea Me

Rua do Loreto, 21 (Chiado)
213 461 564
Opens every day
Price per person: €35

Sea Me, Lisbon

It claims to be a "modern fish market," meaning it sells fish for you to prepare at home, is a bar where wine by the glass accompanies fish, and is a seafood restaurant. Just like at a fish market, it can be noisy, but it’s one of the liveliest and most recommended places for seafood, grilled fish and sushi.

Senhor Peixe

Rua da Pimenta, 35 (Parque das Nações)
218 955 892
Opens every day
Price per person: €25

Senhor Peixe, Lisbon

This restaurant stands out in a row of touristy restaurants for the quality of its fresh fish. There’s a tank with lobsters and crabs, but the fish that arrives daily from Setúbal is the most popular choice. It offers lots of space inside and on the terrace, so it tends to attract large groups.


Rua dos Sapateiros, 177 (Baixa)
213 427 425
Closes on Sundays
Price per person: €20

Uma, Lisbon

It’s not the rushed service or the limited menu that has made so many people recommend this restaurant in the heart of downtown -- it’s just for the seafood rice, which many swear is the best in Lisbon. There are days when it seems that it’s the only thing on the menu, but there are also steaks, codfish and omelets.